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Ishiguro Masatsune Tsuba


Traditional japanese metalwork

This site is dedicated to the presentation and study of fine japanese metalworks - especially sword fittings (tosogu).  The goal is to offer high quality images of pieces with informative descriptions in order to replace in-hand study of pieces as good as possible.

If you have questions to any of the displayed items, comments, or want further images of details, feel free to contact me below or directly via                             

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New items

Updated from time to time for your enjoyment.

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Ko Mino Tsuba


 A special and rare Tsuba from Muromachi jidai, mounted and refitted countless times, showing the great value it held to its owners.

Published in the Kinko Mino Bori and exhibited in the Gifu Museum 1993.


More info here



Tōsanshi Toshihide Tsuba



A very elegant and elaborate piece by Tōsanshi Toshihide, a late Edo mito artist. Signed and dated 1865.

A very meaningful and quiet, yet bold Tsuba depicting the emaciated Śākyamuni Buddha accepting the failure of his 6 years of asceticism in the mountains.

More info here



Ichinomiya Sadanaka Tsuba



A unique piece by Ichinomiya Sadanaka, supposedly another name of Ichinomiya Tsunenao (常直).

A beautiful depiction of the two traveling frogs from Osaka & Kyoto, a tale about how one should not be easily torn apart from his goals.

More info here



3 Beautiful iron Tsuba

Very good Yagyu, Shoami and Heianjo Tsuba from an old japanese collection.

More info here


Ishiguro Butterfly Tsuba

Ishiguro Masatsune Tsuba

石黒常 , 奈良英政


An outstanding piece of the late Ishiguro school, signed by both the artist and the nanako maker.

More info here


Ishiguro Masaaki Menuki



Excellent Menuki by the great Ishiguro Master depicting his most famous motif - japanese pheasants.  

More info here.


Ishiguro Masaaki Menuki

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