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Ishiguro Masayoshi Kozuka


Traditional japanese metalwork

This site is dedicated to the presentation of fine japanese metalworks - especially sword fittings (tosogu) - and other fine japanese crafts. The goal is to offer high quality images of pieces with informative descriptions in order to replace in-hand study of pieces as good as possible.

If you have questions to any of the displayed items, comments, or want further images of details, feel free to contact me below or directly via                             

New collection pieces

Updated from time to time for your enjoyment

Takase Eiju fuchigashira


Highly detailed fuchigashira in shibuichi and gold with minutely carved inlays of Yothitsune and Benkei

Ishiguro Masatsune II fuchigashira


Japanese pheasant under a flowering sakura tree - a motif of japanes espring and life itself. Signes Ishiguro Masaaki - The early signature of Nidai Ishiguro Masatsune before he took lead of the Ishiguro school

Feel free to contact me with any questions via

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