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Ishiguro Masaaki Menuki

These menuki are excellent Ishiguro work by one of the arguably two top makers of the school, Ishiguro Masaaki (石黒政明). He was born in 1813 under the name 'Sadakichi' and became a student of shodai Ishiguro Masatsune. His latest dated work is from 1851.  Many of his works have been designated Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo Token by the NBTHK.

The Menuki are signed on the back with Masaaki (政明) and are done from a solid gold alloy. The inlayed colors are truly wonderful and give a very lively design, appropriate for the japanese pheasant, a magnificent bird itself. The work is finely executed as expectable by such an artist and impresses by the many nuances of workstyle, feather shaping, alloy inlay and coloring, as well as the overall posture and naturalistic design of the birds.

The piece is of course authenticated by the NBTHK with a Tokubetsu Hozon paper.






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