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Ichinomiya Sadanaka Tsuba



A unique piece by Ichinomiya Sadanaka, supposedly another name of Ichinomiya Tsunenao (常直).

A beautiful depiction of the two traveling frogs from Osaka & Kyoto, a tale about how one should not be easily torn apart from his goals.

More info soon

Ishikawa Hirosada Menuki


Very fine Menuki by the late mito master depicting Jurojin and his holy deer.


More info here.

Ko Mino Kozuka

Mino Dragon Kozuka


An excellently carved Mino Kozuka bearing a rather rare dragon motif.

More information here


Ishiguro Masatsune Fuchigashira

Ishiguro Masatsune II

Excellent Fuchigashira of a pheasant under a sakura tree. Mixed metal work of shibuichi, shakudo, copper, silver and gold.

More information soon


Boar menuki

Outstanding boar menuki from latest edo times. A high quality set of outstanding and meticulous work.

More information soon

Ko Mino Fuchigashira

Ko Mino

Deeply cut Ko Mino Fuchigashira of Sparrows in the bamboo forest after a rain shower. Mixed metal work of shakudom, silver and gold.

More information soon

Nukagawa Yasunori Fuchi Kashira

Nukagawa Yasunori

Shibuichi Fuchi Kashira by the Mito artist and founder of the Nukagawa school. A work with amazing detail depicting Bentzaiten, Jurojin and Daikoku, 3 of the 7 lucky shinto gods (Shishi fukujin).

Omori Masahide

Wonderful Omori waves with japanese plovers flying above the stormy sea. The real omori waves - you know them when you had them in hands. High quality work from the lade edo period.


Mito Yoshinari

Excellent late Edo Kozuka of chrysanthemum. Deeply carved in blackest shakudo on top-level nanako by Yasunori, Mito school artist and student of Ishiguro Masatsune

Chikugo Ichijo Tsuba

Chikugo Ichijo

Dignified late edo Tsuba by Chikugo Ichijo in the style of his great master Goto Ichijo. Coastal japanese pines with the sun rising over the japanese sea at the far horizon.

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