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Omori Masahide 

The present piece is a very good example of the famous waves produced by the Omori school. Founded by Omori Terumasa, the Omori school prospered and became one of the most famed tosogu schools in the late edo period, producing pieces that are still sought after today. The most famous motif by far - and in it surpassing all other schools - waves.

These deeply cut waves with golden pearl inlay are often combined with figurative motifs and are characterized by the vivid character of breaking waves. The fuchigashira show japanese plovers, a small marine bird species in flight over the stormy japanese sea, a frequently seen depiction and popular motif.

The piece is signed Omori Masahide with Kao and papered Hozon by the NBTHK. Without doubt it could also get Tokubetsu Hozon but the piece was only submitted to hozon to verify the signature and authenticity. It comes in a high quality custom box.

Omori Fuchigashira
Omori Fuchigashira

The piece is signed

Omori Masahide (Kao).

Below further shots of this beautiful piece that just speaks for itself.

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