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Ishikawa Hirosada Menuki

These fine Menuki depict Jurojin and his holy deer made by Uchikoshi Hirosada (also Ishikawa Hirosada). Hirosada was a Mito artist and likely the first son of Uchikoshi Hirotoshi, being active around 1810 to the mid 1800s in Musashi province. His works are finely made and very appealing, thus they were popular among early westener collectors and some can be found in museums across Europe and US.


The piece is very finely executed and shows minute detail. please note the great execution of the fur pattern and especially the amazing face of Jurojin, as well as his robe designed both with gold inlay and plain katakiri-bori. Jurojin is one of the seven lucky gods in japan (七福神 Shichi Fukujin) and stands for longevity, being accompanied by his magic deer and carrying a staff to which a scroll with the whole wisdom of mankind, including death dates of all humans, is attached.

He has a iressistable smile, doesn't he? It is signed Kingyokudo Hirosada and was designated Tokubetsu Hozon by the NBTHK.

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